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The NCLEX RN questions are designed to measure a person’s abilities and knowledge needed to effectively and safely perform as a newly licensed, entry-level nurse. The NCSBN is the organization that determines NCLEX RN Eligibility and develops the nursing license examination, the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN)

Taking the NCLEXPN or the NCLEXRN is a pivotal experience to your Nursing Program studies and so much more. Passing the exam demonstrates your competence so that you can launch your nursing career. As you prepare to take the NCLEX, you will want to navigate the examination process. You can increase confidence and reduce test anxiety by being fully prepared for the test experience by efficiently studying for the NCLEX RN using the HESI Test Bank.

After interviewing thousands of NCLEX RN test takers, the majority were certain they did poorly because they had studied NCLEX Practice Questions that did not accurately reflect the questions that were on the test. If you want to walk out of the NCLEX RN completely confident you passed, then you need to study the HESI NCLEX RN TESTBANK.
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Studies have shown that there are three reliable sources for NCLEX practice questions. These are the HESI Exit Exam, the Kaplan NCLEX RN REVIEW, and the NCLEX Review 4000. All three are designed to prepare nursing students for the NCLEX-RN. But, research has shown that out of these, the HESI Exam has the highest rate of exact questions and answers that are most frequently seen on the actual NCLEX-RN exam. An independent third-party evaluation has confirmed that students who pass the HESI exam have a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX exam on their first attempt! So, what could be better than taking the HESI Exit exam? The answer is to study the actual HESI TestBank!

We have the authentic HESI Testbank that has been compiled from actual screen captures of the official HESI exam being taken. This testbank consists of 1600 questions and answers that have been painstakingly compiled from the ‘green screen’ snapshots. Do you want to walk out of the NCLEX RN exam 100% certain you had passed? If you study the HESI Testbank, you will feel great when the NCLEX test machine shuts off after merely 75 questions because you had aced the exam. Studying the HESI NCLEX Testbank questions in advance is really the only choice for preparing the right way.

NCLEX HESI Testbank questions are superior to using generic NCLEX review questions. Sure, NCLEX review questions are great to supplement your studies, but you will find that many of the NCLEX HESI TESTBANK questions and answers are exactly word for word with the actual NCLEX RN test. Because of this, you can be confident of doing extremely well on that day you take the NCLEX. Many nursing program schools require their students to pass practice exams in order to undertake the NCLEX and graduate.

The various exit exams required by nursing programs are: The Hesi Exit Exams, the ATI Comprehensive Predictors, and the NLN exams. They are all designed to somewhat emulate the actual NCLEX exam and thus help a student to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Interestingly, new nurses have often reported these prep tests to be more difficult then the actual NCLEX test. It has been stated that the most valuable function these tests serve is to identify where you need to concentrate your learning skills for passing the NCLEX and what areas your nursing program school should improve in the nursing curriculum.

Your preparation for any of these nursing tests and ultimately passing the actual NCLEX can and will be improved the most by studying the HESI Test Bank. Memorizing these questions and answers will teach you to slow down, stop second-guessing the answers, properly analyze the question, learn all of your lab values and medications, and to apply accurate clinical judgment. It will be as if you are studying the actual NCLEX RN Test Bank itself! So even if your school uses another exam format, using a HESI testbank will give you a serious testing advantage on your exit exam and on the NCLEX.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the HESI 2018 and 2019 NCLEX Testbank instant download. over 1000 questions and answers are in the TestBank. All 7 Versions are included and up-to-date for 2018 and 2019.

HESI RN Exit Exam

Assess students’ readiness for the NCLEX examination with question formats and an exam blueprint matching the latest NCLEX test plan. HESI Exit Exam Test Banks are designed to provide testing centers with the ank of questions and answers to be used on the HESI EXAMS. Using this Test Bank is the only way to ensure a passing grade on the HESI Test and on the NCLEX examination.

With a proven accuracy rate of up to 98.4%, no other testing provider has a higher rate of predicting NCLEX exam success, with the research to prove it!

Also, HESI Specialty Exams are available in 18 RN specialties. Ideal for use as end-of-course final exams.

HESI Community Health
HESI Critical Care
HESI Critical Thinking
HESI Dosage Calculations
HESI Fundamentals
HESI Gerontology
HESI Health Assessment
HESI Management
HESI Management/Community Health
HESI Maternity Nursing
HESI Maternity/Pediatric
HESI Medical-Surgical
HESI Nutrition
HESI Pathophysiology
HESI Pediatric Nursing
HESI Pharmacology
HESI Psychiatric/Mental Health
HESI Research